Writing Coach

Writing and Editing ServicesAre you engaged in creative work and need support to bring your project to completion?

Maybe your creative life has been dormant for too long, and you need help getting started again.

I can help by offering suggestions, feedback, and editorial advice that bring focus to your project. We can work by phone, in email, or in person. My goal is to serve the work itself, so that your project becomes all that it’s meant to be.

Each creative piece is unique. So is each creative person. We start with a no-charge introductory phone call. I will ask you about your project, process, and goals. Together, we make a plan with an end-point. Once we’ve agreed on our work together, you make an initial payment to me by check or PayPal, and we get started.

Here are the services I offer as a writing coach and editor:

  • Consultation on work-in-progress. You send me a piece of writing: a poem, short essay, short story, article, blog post, book chapter, query letter, or book proposal. I respond with suggestions that will help you bring focus, strength, and clarity to your work. We can work by phone, email, or in person at my studio near Port Townsend. Cost: $80 / hour standard rate. For those who have taken a class from me: $50 / hour. I keep track of time and let you know how much remains of the time you have purchased.

“Thank you, Margaret, for helping me to continue to move forward with my various writing projects during the year and a half that I have consulted with you.  Your clear focus as an editor and your technical support as well helps me to develop my own style, giving me courage and confidence for my life path in the arts.”   Sharon Lia Robinson   www.sharonrobinson.org

  • Inspiration for new work. Every other day for two weeks, I will send you a brief prompt to inspire new work. For haiku, I send a series of one-word seasonal prompts. For prose and longer poems, prompts are designed to mine daily life and memory for gold nuggets. At the close of two weeks, we have a ½ hour phone or Skype consultation on how to develop what you wrote into a finished piece. Cost: $50 (longer consult at $40 / half-hour.)
  • Book development. I am a developmental book editor with experience editing or collaboratively writing many book-length projects. Depending on where you are in your project, I can:
    • Help you clarify your book concept, develop a strong chapter organization, and make a writing plan that works.
    • Evaluate your complete manuscript with structural suggestions and line editing.
    • Help you produce a compelling, professional book proposal for submission to literary agents and acquisition editors.

Cost for book development: $600 and up for any one of the above book services, based on project. Package rates available.

  • Technical writing and editing. For information on my other life as a freelance technical writer and editor, see MargaretDMcGee.com.

You can contact me by phone at 360.301.5284, or by email at margaret (at) inthecourtyard (dot) com.