God Reborn in Tea Leaves

Here’s the peaceful still-life photo my friend Brad Offutt sent me from the Tea Zone in Portland, with his reflections and haiku that were written in response to this month’s Lectio+Haiku, Radiant Creation – One Spirit.

Brad_TeaRoomI’m back in Portland and in the Tea Zone on NW 11th. I walked here on dead leaves wet by rain on this somber day. But it is so peaceful back here in the lounge, and I wait with anticipation as the tea steeps. I pour the tea and the slanting light makes it all so lovely. The tea seems to shine with its own life. All of a sudden I think: tea is dead leaves wet in water. The difference between leaves is in my experience of each. And if I see God in the tea, he is in the sidewalk leaves as well.

dead leaves
in a tea glass

— Brad Offutt