Prayers to Creator, Child, and Spirit – Trinity Sunday

Responsive prayers by Christine Hemp, appropriate for use on Trinity Sunday.

We pray fervently this morning, Lord, for your Church—that it may delight in its mission and tip its ear to the needs inside and outside its doors. We ask that you guide all those who minister, who cultivate your garden.  [Read more…]

Shrove Tuesday – A Poem by Christine Hemp

Shrove Tuesday 

by Christine Hemp

Southerly gusts clocked up to fifty. Douglas firs like frenzied horses
charged through the dark and back again.

Inside, the fire crackled—wind drew heaven close, and we could feel
the horses’ breath. [Read more…]

Happy Birthday to the Courtyard!

Happy Birthday to the Courtyard — five years old this month!

In 2011, we added new liturgical prayers by Ann Raymond and poetry by Christine Hemp and Bill Maxwell, as well as prayers, poetry, reflections, and homilies by yours truly.

New voices joined with old friends on the Lectio+Haiku page, including retreat participants from The Priory Spirituality Center in Lacey, Washington and Stillpoint at Beckside in Bellingham, Washington. It’s always a blessing — and so much fun! — to introduce this creative spiritual practice to new people.

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Come to the Party

You Are InvitedSend me a party invitation, and my first impulse is to look for a good reason why I probably can’t make it. Too many nightmare memories of the young Margaret standing against a wall or sitting on a couch, silent and aflame in her very own self-conscious isolation.

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