Steps for Lectio Divina with a Haiku Response

Here’s a printable page with the current passage and a step-by-step approach for Lectio Divina and writing haiku.

Current passage:

A Royal Wedding Song
Beautiful words fill my mind,
as I compose this song for Love,
Like the pen of a good writer
my tongue is ready with a poem.
                   — adapted from Psalm 45:1, trans. Good News
♥ ♥ ♥
The summer ends, and it is time
To face another way….
— Wendell Berry, excerpted from “The Summer Ends,” A Timbered Choir

Steps for Lectio Divina with a Haiku Response:

  • Take a moment for silence, becoming aware of God’s presence.
  • Slowly read the poem or passage aloud, then read it again, listening with both heart and mind.
  • Jot down a few words or phrases from the text that “rise up” and carry energy for you at this moment.
  • Now put the passage aside and turn to the words you jotted down. Spend time with the memories, feelings, and associations they carry to you.
  • Write a haiku in response to the passage.
    • You might consider using a word or phrase from the passage in your haiku. Feel free to play with the words, using different forms of the words if that works best for your poem.
    • You might consider carrying the word or phrase with you through the day. Let them resonate with your activities, and write a haiku from the experience.
    • Stick to the essence: If you can, say it in 17 or fewer syllables.
  • Return to the passage, read it one more time, then read your haiku response.
  • Take another moment for silence in God’s presence.

Share your response

To join your haiku with others in the courtyard, add it as a new comment at the bottom of the passage.