Haiku – The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines

by Margaret D. McGee
(SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2010)


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A guide to writing haiku as a spiritual practice.

“Writing haiku offers the chance to honor, hold, and fully experience a fleeting moment that takes you out of yourself, a moment that hints at the deeper unity that lies beneath the surface of things.” — from Chapter One

Haiku – The Sacred Art introduces haiku as a simple and effective way of tapping into the sacred moments that permeate everyday living. By capturing and writing down images of particular moments of deep feeling, moments that make us feel alive and whole, writing haiku becomes a way of relating to the sacred through the “now” of this moment, just as is.

What others say about Haiku – The Sacred Art

“Provides a clear ‘how-to’ guide to getting started with writing haiku, and especially with approaching it as a contemplative, meditative art for self-discovery and spiritual enrichment.” (Read complete review)
Dr. Randy M. Brooks, Modern Haiku

“A superb exploration of this poetic form for beginners and experts alike.” (Read complete review)
Chris Smith, Englewood Review of Books

“I was only going to sample [your] haiku book, and ended up reading it cover-to-cover, only getting up now and again for another cup of coffee. Pure delight! I really enjoy the way you write – your personal stories are perfect in each case – very like haibun.”
Billie Wilson, poet and member of the Alaska Haiku Society

“Opens an important door wide … instills a desire and ability to write what is essential and understand how it entwines with our individual spiritual practices…. It became irresistible not to try my hand at it.”
Sheila Bender, author, A New Theology: Turning to Poetry in a Time of Grief

“Captures the heart essence of a moment and the feelings it evokes by paying attention to small things and honoring the sacredness of everyday life.”
Lucy Wynkoop, OSB, coauthor, Lectio Divina: Contemplative Awakening and Awareness