On Holy Ground

The labyrinth at H.J. Carroll Park in Chimacum, Washington.

The labyrinth at H.J. Carroll Park in Chimacum, Washington, the way it looks most of the time.

On New Year’s Eve, I took a morning drive out to H.J. Carroll Park to help repair the labyrinth.

A day or two before Christmas, news had spread among local labyrinthers that the meditative path in the park was all kerfuffled.

Someone—likely more than one person—had come into the secluded glade, pushed stones around, cut branches off encircling cedars, and spread the branches on the labyrinth floor. [Read more…]

Bless the Tangle

Bits and Pieces Found Along the WayBless the tangle
Whether it unravels or not—
It has brought me here

Diane, from the spiral labyrinth retreat at Shalom Prayer Center

On May 12, I joined with seven other women in Mt. Angel, Oregon, and we created sacred space together. [Read more…]

Letting Go, and Letting Go

Swordfern – Letting go of winter

It’s Lent, and I find myself in a process of letting go, and letting go.

David and I are preparing two plots of our wooded acreage for spring sale. We’ll use the proceeds to build our cottage in town.

I’m ready and eager for the move to town, so my mind wants to fuss about how long it could take for all the dominoes to fall.

Dear mind, I tell the fussy critter, you just have to let that go. 

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What Is Nature?

Early last spring, a pair of rufous-sided towhees started a nest under the eaves of our front porch.

The ledge they chose seemed to be too narrow for the home that the birds wanted to build. [Read more…]

Clearing a Path

Cloppers in the woodsWhen clearing a new path, it is a lot more fun to hack away and move forward than it is to clean up the mess you are leaving behind.

This insight came to me while clearing a new path on the acre-and-a-half that David and I call Aunt Helen’s Land.

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In the Travel Zone

Dear Hotel Guest, Due to the popularity of our guest room amenities, our Housekeeping Department now offers these items for sale: Alarm Clocks, $25, Coffee Maker, $50.00, Hairdryer, $45.00, Pillows, $25.00.

And so on. The little plastic sign sits on a counter in my room at the airport hotel.  [Read more…]

Turning 60

Me and David at a river outside Puerto Vallerta, Mexico, shortly before my 60th birthday

Turned 60 last month.

That 6 felt kinda big. Drew me to look back over the accumulated years with a sense of wonder and even startled disbelief. Started picking over all the stuff, places I’d lived, relationships come and gone, choices that led down unexpected paths. (Do any of life’s paths turn out as expected?)

Then something—maybe it was the startled disbelief—made me turn, look the other way, and wonder, What will my life will be like five years from now? [Read more…]