High Wind and Fire – A Poem for Pentecost

High Wind and Fire

A poem for Pentecost by William Maxwell


On that first Pentecost
the wind and the fire were only hints
of what was about to happen:
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Prayers for God’s Spirit

Responsive prayers by Roberta Hiday, appropriate for use on Pentecost Sunday.

Our God—we, your people, stand ready and open to receive the flame of your Spirit. Give us the ability to speak your truth so that others may hear.

Come, Spirit of Truth, fill our hearts.  [Read more…]

Prayers for the Breath of God

Responsive prayers appropriate for use on Pentecost Sunday. The opening lines are taken from an invocation written for the Iona Community in Scotland. The main body of the prayers is by Margaret D. McGee.

 Breath of God, Breath of Life, Breath of Deepest Yearning,
Come, Holy Spirit.

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Prayers to Creator, Child, and Spirit – Trinity Sunday

Responsive prayers by Christine Hemp, appropriate for use on Trinity Sunday.

We pray fervently this morning, Lord, for your Church—that it may delight in its mission and tip its ear to the needs inside and outside its doors. We ask that you guide all those who minister, who cultivate your garden.  [Read more…]