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Here you will find a forum for experiences of connection and new life in the natural world.

Some of the posts on this page are Margaret's nature journal entries, or journal entries contributed by readers. Other posts contain questions and musings around the idea that the natural world can be a container for joy, and that somewhere between the lowly snails and the towering cedars, we actually belong here, too.

Puff Balls on All Saints Day

Nature Journal - Puff BallsLate afternoon on Nov. 1, All Saints Day.

It’s been cloudy all day, no rain.

I’m sitting on an old towel that I laid on the labyrinth path outside my office door.

From out of the woods I hear the croaks of tree frogs. Kinglets twitter and flutter above and on all sides of me. Faintly in the distance, the sound of automobile traffic.

Thanks to the autumn wind, the labyrinth path is newly surfaced with plum leaves, cedar fronds, and fir needles.

Small puff balls have sprung up all along the way.

Twin Fawns — Haiga for the Autumn Equinox

Twin Fawns Haiga - Autumn EquinoxOnce I decided to do a nature journal entry for the autumn equinox, it seemed as if every fallen leaf I saw was half-colored. There were probably just as many leaves with color all over, but the bifurcated ones drew my eye.

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Fir Cones on Labor Day

From my nature journal:

Mother and Child LabyrinthSitting on the rock at the entrance to the Cretan labyrinth in the side yard. A visitor once named this labyrinth”Mother and Child” because of the dark stones enclosing the white stones.

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Spring Rain

Excerpt from Margaret's Nature Journal

Excerpt from Margaret’s Nature Journal

Spring Equinox. 8:20 AM

Wind moving through the tall trees. A cool breeze on my face. [Read more…]

Sharing the Being of Being

From Margaret's Nature Journal

From Margaret’s Nature Journal

This morning when I settled in for centering prayer (meditation), a robin was chirruping — loud! — just outside. Then a frog — loud! — started to croak, I swear in time with the chirrups. As if answering back. [Read more…]

Turning the Spring Compost

Mushroom near the compost pile

Scanned from my nature journal.

Mid-afternoon at the compost pile. Much rain lately. Right now, only an occasional drip from the trees when the air moves.

No … wait … starting to rain again.

Frogs calling back and forth in the woods, God bless them. The cluck of the neighbor’s hen, and then the rooster crows, and crows again. [Read more…]

The Web of Time and Place

Caught in the Web of Time and PlaceIn the online nature journal class Looking for New Life, Joan was the first to post a spider web entry. She had encountered the huge web on a hiking trip, and mused in her entry about her own spinning thoughts and plans for the future.

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Making the Summer Getaway Last

Outdoor Seating

One of the many quirky architectural details in my hometown of Port Townsend.

My husband David gave me a nudge the other day.

Earlier in the spring we’d talked about scheduling a summer getaway. But what with one thing and another, no dates were set. We’re each in the midst of projects that will keep us close to home in the coming months. It was hard to wrap our minds around the idea of pulling away even for a weekend.

But David knows that unless we actually block off dates and make reservations, the next time we come up for air, the summer could be gone. Hence the nudge to get out my calendar and focus. [Read more…]

What Is Nature?

Early last spring, a pair of rufous-sided towhees started a nest under the eaves of our front porch.

The ledge they chose seemed to be too narrow for the home that the birds wanted to build. [Read more…]

Flavors of Life, Flavors of Earth

Not quite ConcordsThe air cools. Darkness invades the start of morning and the end of afternoon. After rainfall, the earth stays moist for days on end. We are once again vacuuming up fir needles in the house, because the damp needles cling to our damp shoes.

And a little extra spark of anticipation comes with me on trips to the grocery store, because it is the season for Concord grapes.

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Clearing a Path

Cloppers in the woodsWhen clearing a new path, it is a lot more fun to hack away and move forward than it is to clean up the mess you are leaving behind.

This insight came to me while clearing a new path on the acre-and-a-half that David and I call Aunt Helen’s Land.

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