Here you will find prayers and reflections for the Epiphany season, including original responsive prayers for use in worship services. I hope you find something to draw you deeper into this holy season of discovery.
Note that in all responsive prayers, the Leader's words are shown in plain text, and the People's response in bold italic.

Prayers to the One Who Created All Things

Responsive prayers by Margaret D. McGee, for use on or near Epiphany.


Bathed in starlight, we pray together to the One who created all things, saying,

Show us your child, O God,

For we observed a new star at its rising and have traveled far, bearing gifts. [Read more…]

Prayers For The New Year

Responsive prayers by Thomas Robb, for use on the first Sunday of the New Year, or any Sunday in Epiphany or the  Green Season.


Oh God, lover of peace and concord,

Bless and prosper the ministries of all the shepherds you have sent to care for us. Lead our “fractious Body of Christ” to love one another as you love us. [Read more…]

Prayers to the Living God

Responsive prayers by Margaret D. McGee, for use on a Sunday near the Presidential Inauguration.

Living God, Friend of the Heart, Spirit of Life, we stand together in your presence.

Your hand is laid upon each one of us.  [Read more…]

A Prayer for Epiphanies

Dear God, who made the rocks just the way they are,
rising from the earth;
[Read more…]

A Story for Epiphany

Photo by Rose McGee

An audio reading from my book Sacred Attention, Chapter 3, “To See with New Eyes.”

  Sacred Attention Chapter 3 — Reading for Epiphany

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Prayers for the Peace of God

Responsive prayers by Thomas Robb, for use in Epiphany season.

May the peace of God be in all his holy places.
May God’s peace be with all who enter here.

[Read more…]

Shrove Tuesday – A Poem by Christine Hemp

Shrove Tuesday 

by Christine Hemp

Southerly gusts clocked up to fifty. Douglas firs like frenzied horses
charged through the dark and back again.

Inside, the fire crackled—wind drew heaven close, and we could feel
the horses’ breath. [Read more…]