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“A Strip of Black Vinyl” — a video excerpt of Margaret speaking at the Quimper Unitarian Fellowship in Port Townsend, Washington.

I enjoy speaking to groups, facilitating retreats, and leading classes and workshops on themes of attention and transformation. We also occasionally offer online classes through the Courtyard on topics such as writing haiku and keeping a nature journal.

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 My experience as a speaker and leader includes:

  • Speaker at events; workshop, seminar, retreat leader. (See below for topic ideas.)
  • Online class developer and teacher.
  • Guest author to a book group, by phone or in person.
  • Guest preacher. I am a licensed Preacher and Worship Leader in the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. I have served as guest preacher at Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Unitarian churches, as well as preaching regularly at my home parish of St. Paul’s, Port Townsend.

To give an idea of what’s possible, here are some of the classes, retreats, and other events that I’ve developed and offered at different venues.

Online classes offered through the Courtyard

“”Sky Above, Earth Below – Writing Haiku as a Mindful Practice.” An introduction to haiku as a mindful practice.

“Friends in Linked Verse.” Linked verse forms related to haiku, including tan renga, rengay, and renku.

“Looking for New Life – Starting a Nature Journal.”  The basics of starting and keeping a nature journal.

Retreats, Quiet Days

“Together On the Path – Crossing Over Into Community,” Women’s retreat at Grace Lutheran Church, Port Townsend, Washington.

“Autumn Light – Writing Haiku from Nature’s Text,” one-day retreat at Stillpoint at Beckside, Bellingham, Washington.

“Making and Walking the Spiral Labyrinth,” workshop offered through the Western Washington Labyrinth Network for their spring Labyrinth Day, and retreat at Shalom Prayer Center, Queen of Angels Monastery, Mt. Angel, Oregon.

“Stumbling Toward God,” retreat at the The Priory Spirituality Center, Lacey, Washington.

For writing and publishing professionals

“Tell the Truth: Finding the Universal Story in Your Story,” workshop offered at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and the Florida Christian Writers Conference.

“The Breath of Life: Writing with Spirit,” workshop offered at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and the Florida Christian Writers Conference.

Other Events

“Roots and Blooms,” Haiku Reading with the Port Townsend Haiku Group, Seabeck Haiku Getaway.

“Making Community – The Labyrinth Path,” presentation on creating a courtyard labyrinth in community, World Labyrinth Day, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

What Participants Say

 “This is the first time I have participated in an online class and for me it was a great way to learn.  The prompts were catalysts for thought and everyone’s poems and comments were fuel for creativity.  Your critiques were very helpful…. I felt that the learning was accelerated in this forum.  The pacing was right for me.” — Kathy Hacker

“Your book showed the women how to talk about themselves and tell their stories. It has been the perfect beginning for our group, and provided a non-threatening way for us to engage some very deep issues. A roaring success!”  — The Reverend Vickie Dogaru, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Vancouver WA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and the exercises and the interaction with fellow students. I would be happy to recommend the class to friends and others….” — Steve Schultz

“The class was fantastic … I felt I was in this wonderful group of people who created beautiful works of art.” — Marybeth Bland

“I wasn’t expecting the level of personal guidance you provided.  You really went above and beyond to make sure we were growing…” — Kathy Donlan

“Goodness, what I’ve learned!” — Brad Offutt