Happy Birthday to the Courtyard!

Can it possibly be six years? When I look through the Courtyard archives, I know it’s true. We launched this site in Advent 2006. Now Advent 2012 is just around the corner. And yet, the work still feels new to me … maybe because it is constantly re-inventing itself.

In 2012, I was proud to add original responsive prayers by Kathy Couch and Tom Robb to our collection. And delighted when St. John’s Cathedral in Spokane contacted me, asking if they could reprint Tom Robb’s prayers for Launching Sunday in 2010 on a new page they have under development for their web site.

Season by season, we are developing an inspired collection of original responsive prayers, written by the people and for the people!

2012 was also the year in which I developed and offered my first online classes through Pilgrimage Port Townsend. These classes introduced me to new people and new skills, while producing inspiring new work. I look forward to developing more online classes, and also holding live retreats here in the Port Townsend area in the coming year. And I look forward to meeting more new friends on these paths.

It’s also been a year of behind-the-scenes business work, culminating in the Courtyard’s expansion to include classes and events from Pilgrimage Port Townsend, that join with our ever-growing collection of meditations, reflections, poetry, and prayers.

Whew! What new adventures will next year bring?

Well, for one, I hope to heck that we can complete the overhaul of this very site, which has now been under development for more time than I like to admit.

Working on new incarnation of the Courtyard has been taking me back to my Microsoft days, way back when I was a technical writer in software development.

Did we ever come close to meeting the original schedule to launch a new product? Uh … no. But did we eventually manage to kick that baby out the door? Well, yeah. So to combat frustration, and yes, even discouragement, I have been telling myself to just have faith. And to take the next step. And then the next.

Wishing you joy, challenging work, and satisfying accomplishments in all your plans and projects for the coming year,


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