Like a Child

Psalm 131: 1-3

O LORD, I am not proud;
I have no haughty looks.

I do not occupy myself with great matters,
or with things that are too hard for me.

But I still my soul and make it quiet,
like a child upon its mother’s breast;
my soul is quieted within me.

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  1. Independence Day
    open-mouthed my youngest child
    sprints for a fly ball

  2. maz low says:

    scattered winter leaves:
    a balm, as July fire draws
    a dandelion

    • Thanks, Maz — that’s an intriguing image. I can see it as a fire making the shape of a dandelion, or as a dandelion bending toward a fire (so the fire seems to be drawing the dandelion toward it), or even as the heat of July drawing a dandelion out of the ground!

  3. Janet Stanwyck says:

    New kitty lives here
    she occupies my heart.
    How did that happen?

  4. My friends Sharon and Marybeth took a trip together with Marybeth’s dog Nickel, and Sharon sent me this haiku that they wrote together on their trip:

    Yellow warbles sing
    the pond reflecting the sound
    Natures paradise.

  5. Sandra Pyeatt says:

    sheer white curtains
    billow at dim-lit bedtime
    watching child breathes with them