Help from Sophia

Psalm 3

“Help from Sophia”

O Wisdom, how many are my doubts!
My cynical thoughts disturb me,
saying “There is no hope for the world.”

But you, Sophia, are a shield against despair.
With you beside me I can lift up my head.
I cry aloud and you answer me
from the deepest place within.

I am defeated by a thousand doubts
that crowd my busy mind.
I lie down and sleep, and then
I wake, for Wisdom calls to me.

Come to us, Sophia;
strike the jaw of our stubbornness
and rattle the teeth of our pride.

Sophia, you are the one
who orders all things for good.
May your blessings be for all beings.

(From Psalms for Troubled Times: Prayers of Hope and Challenge by Barbara Gibson, published by Crestline Press, Olympia, Washington, in 2003.)

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  1. bless the mule deer–
    3 hops from the labyrinth path
    into the woods

  2. the light on the water:
    a flock of translucent birds

    • Wow — thanks, Maz. I love that image — takes me so many ways. I see birds reflected in the water … but I can also see the shimmering of light on water that evokes the flight of birds.

  3. Brad Offutt says:

    Deluge not forecast
    Traps me in the car; Wisdom
    simply says “Stay dry”

    • Thanks, Brad — I love remembering that the words of Wisdom are, at least occasionally, self-evident.

      • Brad Offutt says:

        Yes, but… At first, like some whom we saw, I was tempted by “false wisdom” to run for it – how bad could it be? Genuine wisdom said, “wait.” It turned out to be the worst hour of rain in the area for the past 50 years! Sophia is not always self-evident at first glance!

  4. Janet Stanwyck says:

    Busy, busy bees
    dripping in golden pollen
    preform the sacred.

    • Thank you Janet, especially for the surprising last line! At first I thought “did she mean perform?” but then I thought about the bees, covered in honey, being in the form of fruit, and also of the bees doing what needs to be done before fruit can form … and all that was full of delight.